fathoming the irony

Why we persist in the irrational is at times beyond comprehension yet bizarrely predictable. I speak because I didn’t buck the trend, and am regrettably mired in such. Such devastatingly complex emotions.

Gonna lift this whole chunk out of a book I was reading. I could fathom, as reading it struck peculiar notes in my very minute life. If only we could envision consequences, because we lack the capacity to do so at times, really. How we hate to see a door close on us and how we like our options; irrationality is inevitable.

Dana, another student of mine, had a similar problem – but hers centered on two boyfriends. She could dedicate her energy and passion to a person she had met recently and, she hoped, build an enduring relationship with him. Or she could continue to put time and effort into a previous relationship that was dying. She clearly liked the new boyfriend better than the former one – yet she couldn’t let the earlier relationship go. Meanwhile, her new boyfriend was getting restless. “Do you really want to risk losing the boy you love,” I asked her, “for the remote possibility that you may discover – at some later date – that you love your former boyfriend more?” She shook her head “no,” and broke into tears.*

What is it about options that is so difficult for us? Why do we feel compelled to keep as many doors open as possible, even at great expense? Why can’t we simply commit ourselves?

We glorify ourselves too much really. Coming together in unison, to celebrate the marvels of humanity’s triumph. And yet, we are dwarfed by the likes of such.


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