free fall

You know, when you’ve come to habour expectations, the build-up might be euphoric. The marvelous and sweet future you could see dangling right outside your window. Probably could not contemplate losing something as important as that. So you’ve thought.

But of course, citing Forrest Gump. That life is like a box of chocolates, as so adequately quoted by Tom Hanks. It’s paradoxical huh, when you try to be so strong it just manifests your weaknesses. To self destruct, to self mutilate, or just the plain ol’ bawl. I wish I could hurl the preconceived notion of ‘men don’t cry’ right out of the window sometimes. To deny that emotion is to deny what makes us invariably human. Regrettably, we have a face for every place though, and that notion inevitably boomerangs back.


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