intangible goods

Every morning I see people chasing buses, like it’s the last one out of this forsaken planet. It might be if they got fired should they be late for work. I think what they are chasing is not the bus but rather, time. Ever seeking to carve out a curve to something so damningly linear as time. To buck the trend, to get ahead.

It is a much sought after commodity after all, but how do you acquire something like that? “I need more time, more time!”, one might say. The only way to do that is to perhaps, take some time off work and be one with the Bahamas. Because you sure as hell ain’t getting more than 24hrs a day. Funny though, how the majority of us are made to taste life by doing something as repetitive and monotonous as work. Perhaps we ain’t happy about what time has gotta say after robbing years of our youth or even adulthood. But we must be thankful, for it brought about some growth and perceptions that might have otherwise eluded us.


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