breaking away

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, we try to seek shortcuts at times. The thing about a curve, it is longer than a straight line. Something for thought.

The academic route is a helluva straight line, at least in sg. When exams loom, it towers and envelopes us. Because we’re made and shaped to think that way(I’m not sure if it is a conducive environment to bring up your kids in). Personally, I’m against reproducing what I have learned on a piece of paper. How can regurgitating information be an education policy? Regrettably, that is also how we are appraised. Our grades reflect how the schooling body looks at us. I must wonder though, if the many that walk out with degrees and phds and such, have any hindsight at all. Try asking them questions and you might get a whimsical ‘huh?’.

Well, to give some credit where it’s due, this might also be the best way to nurture our ever small talent pool. People from the gifted stream, so I’ve heard, were taught* to be loyal to the country even before puberty. I call that mining for talents; you’ll see that when you know how desperate they are to hold on to their scholars(contracts and bonds). People ain’t all that blind, and the talent pool leaks when they leave.

* when you teach something to someone who’s 6, you’re brainwashing.


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