social quirks

I was momentarily reminded of my old events company from a while back. They really should have taken more care of their employees. The way they handle their payments was met with much disdain. That, and they fail to see that it could haunt them somewhere down the road. What is to stop me from doing a Paul Revere? Dismiss the effects of ‘by word of mouth’ at your own risk; just think Facebook or Twitter.

‘By word of mouth’ branches into evil in the form of insurance agents as well. Nowadays I would just avoid picking up calls from local numbers. “Hi, this is so-and-so from I-Fleece-You.Inc. So-and-so gave me your number so I’d thought I would…”. I felt rather disappointed when I knew that my number was given away by friends. The moment I picked up that call it crosses from social to market norms. There is nothing warm about that.

And yet, another episode of DUS(Disgruntled Ugly Singaporeans)
I get it and can certainly see that, it has been raining cats and dogs. Everybody wants to get onto the bus unscathed but that’s not gonna happen. Still, whats the whole fucking point of pushing and pressing wet plastic bags behind my knees? If you yearn for human contact I would gladly offer a hug. Tsk, and you’re a working class adult. I would have used your face as a windscreen wiper for the wet bus, really. And when you are on the bus, there are people who couldn’t care what juts out of their bags, even if it is an unsheathed samurai sword. Reserving seats too, no nos. I saw this parody on channel 8, where the words ‘chope’ were part of the tissue paper packet design. A nice dig(I wanted to applaud but I had no audience) really, that would make people cringe. I’ve heard people justifying their rustic actions but its a whole load of bullshit actually. If a packet of tissue paper was accidentally left there, the seat’s gonna be left vacant? A packet of tissue paper isn’t even an obstacle and we should stop being soft. Just looking at the jarring picture below is visually offensive; I wouldn’t want to hear the explaination.

The terror unleashed by the tissue paper packet.


At the end of the day, at the end of every post, I realized that I have so much resent. The kind you’ll never see in my face. With the amount of shit going on, it only serves to make death less menacing.


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