definitely, definitively random

So, could we count the number of things we’ve brought over from the last 5 years of our lives? Or rather, the things we’ve left behind. The only fun most of us would get 5 years down the road is most probably the twirling of an office pen. I’m not saying everybody else is as boring as me. I’m just saying that, you’ve probably got a bunch of equally insane fun loving peeps riding the waves with you a while ago. And now, we’ve got to act like responsible work driven adults to cover up the mostly irresponsible selves. Which is an admirable trait really, except that there is no end game. The things we do, the choices we’ve made. And that has led me invariably here.

You’ve lost connections, the ever transient youth, and even hobbies we used to love. Then it is clear why we seek the ones we used to love, pursue solutions to the aging problem, and preoccupy ourselves with hobbies. Covering grounds, plugging holes, and making up for lost time. Before we fall into dementia, we would try and bridge the gap. All this, in the middle of paying for health insurance, paying for all possible kinds of loans. You would probably go home to your huge ass TV and watch the news. Muscles you never knew existed hurt, and you become more knowledgeable medically speaking(because you think a certain condition might spell the end). Most of us don’t see where all this is heading; I don’t. Until you find comfort in a purpose, and in this infinite space, where could mine possibly be.


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