dignified massacres

The issue of freewill and equality, is not definitive enough. Or rather it couldn’t be. Sometimes, to lift the fog we superimpose on others. It is the same story echoed repeatedly, over and over again. Quashing the ideals of people you thought were different from you. Terrorism, religion, politics. You find the common denominator and you’ll understand why equality is superficial, in the world where one tries to assume a position higher than that of another. To cite one example, reports of religious ‘peddlers’ outside schools are becoming more rampant. Its no different from peddling drugs really, because you are in fact trying to induce a different lifestyle in that individual altogether. It might be a minority tarnishing the image of their organization, but the society looks upon them holistically. What would we do, single out the peddler and subject him to public execution? It doesn’t really work that way at times.

Individuals, singling themselves to be the creme de la creme of the society. They walk with poise, compliment every action taken as dignified. They are the ones that would probably squirm at a Nat Geo documentary of a cheetah digging into its prey. Because it is not dignified, they might say. Actually, note that we are doing the very same thing with a fork and knife. Plus, we coined what dignified means.


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