your track record is irrelevant

We’re just too obsessed with track records. Mostly, it is irrelevant and obsolete. Maybe it is because we’re universally hardwired to believe so. I’ve got shitloads of sporting medals tucked away in my cupboard right now and it doesn’t even remotely say anything about me. Yep, the guidelines and SOPs are in place for a reason; to screen out potential individuals then cut miles of red tape. Sometimes it is easier to make a snap decision and move on. Of course, if your track record is irrelevant, companies wise to the idea would take the opportunity to capture certain traits and strengths of that individual. That is what counts; Larry Bird had court sense, Tiger Woods has sight. They are paid beacoup bucks not because of what they’ve achieved, but rather for the ability to reproduce results the next time round.

That is why we don’t often hear the part about some guy making it big then losing it all. We only hear about the accomplishments because they are all to brag about, while the latter is hushed up and sunk. For every individual that scored big time, there are thousands of others that have failed. We’ve gotta learn to say “I don’t know” more often.


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