this affliction

I would really lose hands down in a personality contest. I ain’t the best I could be, I ain’t acting the way I should at times. Though often troubled and contemplative, it would be something you wouldn’t see in my face even if you stared for eons(maybe it’s because I have an uncompromising jawline). This persona, I seemingly emanate only in cyberspace.

I guess it creeps upon like an affliction. The ability to process and the compelling urge for greater truth, is a blessing until it is not. Boy, am I frustrated by the dearth of answers at times. And we retard ourselves in the face uncertainty and untruths, acting irrationally. I’ve ever thought of penning it down, maybe like a book or something. The problem is, writers often have sight of the bigger picture. Which I do not have regrettably. My exposure and outlook lacks depth really, narrow and shallow like I sometimes am. Personality contest?


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