emptiness and time, in true fashion

Every morning, I never fail to pass by the park without feeling the awe of it. Awe of what? As I push forward, the relatively slow pace of morning park life around me negates the brisk nature of my walk. I guess that the people who have any time at all are the elderly; they are mostly retired and are more at ease. Have you seen the morning face of the work force? Holistically. Most of us are just disgruntled and full of angst; we go to work in true monotone fashion and bitch about it for eons to come. Sometimes, even that may be rather tolerable, if only you have something to hang on to. That is if you have a loving wife, darling kids to come home to. Just something, no matter how small the attachment might be. But we must be reminded that we can also come home to a torn family, saddled with debts, with no love or warmth to seek comfort in. It carries forward to the next dreaded day and accumulate in the vat we call our hearts. Over time, the vat erodes and you wouldn’t be able to recognize yourself anymore. And the great big question, what the fuck am I doing here?

Just a lil love, comfort, or respect to alleviate the pain. You see, it could all be easier. But we wouldn’t slow down and pause to think for a nanosecond, about the things we do unto others.


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