united charlatans

Ar, in the wake up nuclear scares and viral infections. We’re not as safe as we would like it to be. Well, if it sickens you, the only way would be to relocate to a swamp in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, the world could be as scenic as Eden or as picturesque as a hearse. I don’t think I would ever be able to commit to a single side of the picture. And certainly, not capable of loving anyone ever. We’ve all been on the receiving end of untoward events, and you would agree it taints the whole experience more than what a favorable event does to an unfavorable one. It just ain’t the same anymore, you say. Ignorance is only bliss by choice; if you didn’t know shit you wouldn’t be feeling anything in any case. Which leads us to feigned ignorance, and it is just about pointless really.


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