I guess it’s been a dry patch of late. My motivation’s dearly missed; it’s probably six feet under in the wake of events. And suddenly, I have too much time thrown at me. It’s been said that if life gives you lemons, make lemonades. I would probably never get a fair shot at whatever I’ve once coveted, so if I could, I’ll channel whatever that’s left of me into something else.

Someone asked me today if I thought life was fair and I gave a ‘no’ in a pico second. Not solely because I’ve been on the receiving end at times. For instance, do you think it’s fair you’re in an air conditioned room when there are countless living in rural areas? Or that middle aged guy who falls asleep in some corner of a shopping centre, and wakes up only to remember how his wife left him for another man. It never is, and we should perhaps give a moment’s pause.

It ain’t always fair to me, and I embrace it.


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