tickets in and out

If you have ever seen one of MJ’s concerts, you would have felt the stage presence he emanated. He may have been a fairy for all anyone could care, but one would agree that he is without a doubt, the greatest entertainer of all time. Have you seen his fans? They looked at him as if he was the answer to all life’s problems, and that he was a messiah. Talking about his fans; they were fanatic. Anxiety attacks and tears; the serious ones were carted out on stretchers. No other concert comes close, really.

Talking about solutions to life’s problems, it’s been a couple hundred years since I’ve last stepped out of this lil’ sunny island. Stepping on different soil, breathing different air. To gain whatever perspective at one’s own time and pace. I guess I still need a little reprieve from the hustle that has inevitably characterized our country. My, the pace of life is so fast that, one couldn’t even worry at his own time. We couldn’t afford the time expense, so to speak.


One thought on “tickets in and out

  1. HI LZY! LX Here! Long time no drop by… busy leh. How come u dont have a chatbox in your new bloggie? Long time no get out of sg? Come uk find me lah!!! Free Bed and Breakfast. lOl. Just now we go see your phone price about 195 pounds to 200+ pounds.

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