flying away

If I’ve got the cash, I would very well take a year off after graduating and go travel. Maybe to down under or the land of beer. Not everybody’s that privileged though. Nevertheless, it would prove to be a good source of detachment, away from this sunny island where everybody lives, walks and eats fast.

You’ve gotta realize that, everyone is hiding behind something at some point of time. It tires me, and it makes me think that I could never ever forge a connection in the foreseeable future. All I see now is what A does to B and what B does unto C. It’s just about as pointless as going to a club where half the guys are out to get drunk while the other half’s trying to get laid. And we live in a community where sexual innuendos and profanities are commonplace. The things we do to people, really.

You’d know why I would want to fly off, don’t you?


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