Tunneling in

Most of the time it is a colossal task to stay focused on track. I’d realized because one night I went to sleep ever determined to lead an eventful life, and woke up the next morning feeling all blue and dreary. The pretty reminder of how dire situations can play out, was further exacerbated by the morning busload of sneezing and coughing individuals. The entire entity being one big gob of goo and could very well be the bubonic plague in one’s worst nightmare.

I admire how one could stay true to their targets and most importantly, their individual selves. I guess you could look at Liam(Oasis) or Chris Martin(Coldplay); their vocals are ordinary but their bands are nothing short of phenomenal. Take the song “Wonderwall”; it is like the nation anthem of the UK. They stay true to their music, which couldn’t really be said of the mainstream artistes hell bent on producing garbage nowadays.


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