going slow

This doesn’t do remarkably well with parents, me being not academically inclined to do well. Nevertheless, although it might not mean the world, my results affect how it looks at me. They are indicators of how the governing institute assesses you. And here we go again, a couple of days to d-day.

These days, everybody’s getting poetic. Judging from the amount of self-made quotes available on social networking sites, we should probably have an information overhaul because some of them reflect zero intellect really. Of course, I am being cheeky/mean and should not question the freedom of speech because it is a paradox(I am writing now). But it should serve as a reminder that we are not hardwired to process large amounts of information(mostly redundant in today’s context), and multitasking ain’t always a favorable trait as efficiency is compromised. Slow is sometimes, beautiful.


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