time and the entity that is you

I wonder if perhaps one day, I would be estranged from the social aspects of life. Well, because I have been ranting on like an old man who has lost his cane. A while ago I offered to wheel an elderly to his destination, knowing full well I would deny any if I were to be put into the same situation. True enough, he declined. To take away the freedom of physical and mental mobility is to deny the world of an entity that is you. I need a reason to exist.

Just portraying the above involves the concept of Time. Well Time is again, a precious commodity and lately the books I’ve been flipping through in the bookstores are those with references to Time. I did not buy the books much as I would like to, because they looked like they’ve been salvaged from a tsunami(can’t anybody get a book in mint condition around here?). Maybe I’ve adopted a heightened awareness of Time, or it might something else I could not quite put a finger to. It must be the latter, because the feeling is generally inexplicable. A chance encounter with a long lost friend in town sure brings about reminiscence; you could think nothing more of it or you could think about the harmony of choices that effected the encounter. We are like fabric woven in the medium, Time.


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