fleeting flashes

Sometimes it is bleak, and it is hoped that we could all approach the same problem with a consistent mindset. Being fickle beings we are, it is mostly somewhat of a problem.

On some days I would feel like plundering, doing unto mankind what the world has done unto me. The boorish lifeforms, sneezing and coughing, spreading whatever conceivable diseases. All that might flash in my mind before I take a sane approach to things. Rationality prevails ultimately, but not imaginations; one feels truly alone. Of course we sometimes engage in irrational behaviour and that accounts for about 100% of crimes you see in the news.

On some days I become more at peace. Looking at the unspoiled(for now) skies, etched in space. I wished I could lock away the piece of sky in my mind; it is but fleeting.


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