progress, then regress

Of late, I’ve been harping on the notion of solitude. Touching on the strings of humanity. I mean sure, it is all about the camaraderie and communities. Could it also be juxtaposed with the vagaries of humanity? That which saw an impressive long list of conquest, war, genocides spanned over the course of time.

Nuances like public manners and hygiene; I probably devote too much time trying to figure out the distastefulness of it all. The community we’re attached to, adopts a rather slack approach to the cultivation of values. Even on my best mornings, the public bus still looks suspiciously like a cauldron of really sick people that would have absolutely no qualms about starting a bio-hazard. As I am penning this down, there is an inane racket going on in the unit above, in the form of more-than-loud drills. So think, as we drive our fancy cars and renovate our apartments, of the externalities involved. Often we do as we will, at the expense of another. Your drills will cost the intrusion of personal space, your car will increase your carbon footprint, your bacteria-fondue cough will ruin another person’s week.

I guess with proper education or even campaigns, it might serve to raise awareness. But just look around and you would notice that the budget for such is probably gathered from the few loose coins lying around the minister’s office. In any case, it will be further exacerbated by the ever creative ways we devise to damn ourselves. Why, to cite an example, we could look at the theft of intellectual property, or piracy as we all know it. It is such an irony and you could only marvel at the simplicity of its humble origins. The formula for this century looks increasingly like this : Invent something, mop up its mess later. So yea, I guess a few years alone on an island will do us some good.


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