tale of 2 worlds

Slipping into dreams that are bizarre as they are incoherent at times. Still, it was rather refreshing to dream up something I had thought matter. To sift through some of the ones, I’ve had simplistic dreams of wind-chimes. I could remember their designs and sounds in vivid fashion. On the other end of the curve though, there was this scenario where I’d tried to snap a god damned shot of a tornado hovering outside my humble abode. Really, if you thought we had bad weather…

Shrugging all(metaphorically or not) dreams, illusions and ethereal worlds aside, you cross over to the tracks of the real world or what have you. To brush away all things abstract, it is important to identify the differential features of both worlds. You would think we’re often in control; more often than not you relinquish(subconsciously or not) control and let yourself be mired in all things derisory and apocalyptic. I can and controversially, cannot see why some would spend a counter-productive week on facebook mobile posting really sad updates and paying data charges simultaneously. This is perhaps harsh but the world didn’t pause and mourn your updates. It didn’t stopped revolving while I was down and out. You know, people in mental institutes cannot perform a differential. We probably shouldn’t construct a mental asylum for our minds, but that is just my humble opinion.


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