Being happy is of course, nowhere on the same planar as being sad. With that being said, I’ve personally recognized happiness to be one of fleeting nature. It draws energy from a different ‘base’. Grief however, connects one with his/her innermost self. It is raw and there is something distinctively primitive about it. We could relate it to the loss aversion theory; emotions gained from a dollar won is never the same as one with a dollar lost. We are hardwired to value losses far beyond reasonable comprehension. You’d probably spend at most a week in jubilee over a killing in equity markets; the other end of the scale saw countless ending their lives.

So did you ever wonder what ever happened to the bulk of compulsive buyers? Most of them think they are happy when they strip the whole shopping aisle bare; such exaggerated actions to blanket the insidious fact that they are really, lonely people. Constantly buying, mending the void in their hearts. At the end of the day, it is but a fallacy. They are still unhappy people, with a room full of merchandises. They don’t go to bed with smiles on their faces.


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