into another

At which point in time I wonder, that I’ve begun alienating the concept of competition. Maybe it is a subconscious effort on my part to keep any rage in check. Boy, I remember the hustle and jostle bubbling out of the cauldron called contact sports. A sneaky foul and I go like, ‘Goddamn you. I hope you burn in hell for the rest of your natural life you m…….). In my head of course. Then there are those who have insatiable urges to express themselves verbally and physically, and may I add, are of questionable intellect. So, you noted the euphemism. Nowadays, I would rather shun that testosterone charged scene….

…and into another. Well, unless you live on another planet at a remote spot in the galaxy, we still hustle on. For a spot on the bus, for a place in varsity, for a performance appraisal. Books like the Game Theory(first developed by John Nash) have been written specifically to address the borders of competition. There is no escaping it, isn’t it? Some of us get so soaked up in it; we devise ever innovative ways to circumvent the order of things, to beat the system. Power struggles, lawsuits, patents.

Let’s breathe.


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