an act of nature, never one of god

If you ever thought you were tired of the world; it seems like a sad place sometimes, almost inhospitable and hostile. The loudness is jarring, the silence is choking.

And then it could be beautiful sometimes. This might sound a tad morbid; the other day at the bus stop, there was this dragonfly(I think it was), very much dead and dragged away by this platoon of ants. And that is what nature is, we live and we decompose. Death is mysteriously sad and paradoxically beautiful, an act of nature and never one of god.

I am once again irked by faith peddlers; their efforts tantamount to that of propaganda and ethnic cleansing. Well, in an age of capitalism, being the opportunists that we are, wouldn’t we exploit market norms to our advantage? We would, but it is lopsided and there is an economic counter-argument to economic exploits. We only hear the good things, because they want you to hear only the good things. Which is why we always hear people basking in revelry, after triumphs in the monetary(stock markets, 4D, TOTO) sense. Now, what they fail to tell you is that they’d lost 9 out of 10 times, and you certainly would not catch the faintest wind of that.

So, tell me what goes through the minds of faith healers with their fancy Powerpoint slides, citing claims of healing the deaf, mute and the cancerous.


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