moral demarcation

Ain’t it startling how we suddenly adopt moral high grounds, and ain’t we the quickest to judge. If you’ve ever littered, spat on the ground, took a couple of extra napkins from Mac Donalds, you are in no position to judge the affairs(pun intended or not) of others. That makes all of us. One can only wonder what it takes to be in the seat of a judge; fairness, impartiality, equity.

I think the media gives too much attention to sordid affairs; who does not enjoy reading sexual exploits and details of lurid trysts. I do, but for once I would like to see headlines dedicated to conservational efforts. I think we can afford to miss a couple of Foyces and Jack Neos but certainly not another tiger or shark. We reside in an increasingly media-mediated environment, and the least we could do is to balance out this lopsided affair.


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