We live in a soupy mess and paradoxically a harmony of variables, many of which have evolved over the sands of time. Flipping through the dusty pages of humanity shows culture, religion and the evolution of thinking to be inexorably linked. Plato, Aristotle, and even Isaac Newton offered much in their theologies.

I’ve had a meaningful conversation with someone who is a man of God. She was confounded by a rather stubborn headed me, whom in all admiration of my surroundings and cosmos, find no purposeful connection with God. Well, I would like her to remember me as someone who recognizes that religion played an integral part in shaping our world as we know it today, instead of someone who vehemently denies the existence of a deity.

Rather, I see myself on a different platform, having a different awareness. It baffles me why we would segregate ourselves according to religion when we share a common naked ancestor. What is it that is equivocal about the teachings amongst various religions? Do they not, ultimately and fundamentally, preach towards a common good? If you truly love our world, you would love thy family and friends, you would do no evil, you would caress your environment! Then, we are one. I find solace in the beauty of this world, while others find theirs in religion. There is no absolution, but rather, the embodiment of our beliefs in physical(or not) manifestations such as religious teachings. Why, if i truly believe that a fallen oak tree gives me strength then it would. It is the medium that facilitates the channeling of our beliefs, and consequently the source of our strength. We have come this far because we were/are true to ourselves and our beliefs, be it a tree, rock, or God, in the grand scheme of things.

Shall we then, let it be? I would like to see an end to religious extremists marginalizing pretty much everyone else. It defiles the face of this planet.


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