i am genuine

At times, it puzzles some of my peeps, the nature of the things I read up on. Ranging from psychology, to viruses and perhaps further down the spectrum to arrive at cosmological matters. I mean, it isn’t of most people’s immediate concern that the Sun would be nearing the end of its stellar life in about 5 billion years, along with us deleted with its demise.

They wonder if I am wasting my time, or theirs. Actually, much time is wasted on this disease called the Taiwan Variety Show. While many people would lovingly expend* time to embrace that disease, I would rather devote my time knowing the world around me as it is. It bothers that me that we take our current standings for granted; this world is not catered specifically for us contrary to the Bible. There are similar planets orbiting a similar average star(Sun)in a remote galaxy somewhere. If we turn back the clock, the evolutionary ladder may very take a different path; we have at the very least, the intellect to construct and construe matters in the grand scheme of things. It placates my heightened curiosity, the books that are windows to something bizarrely beautiful.


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