citing creative differences

I’ve had many a misgivings, pertaining to how some things should be run. Of late, the accumulation of dissent reached its tipping point. The brimming cauldron spilled, and with it came a barrage of mildly offensive thoughts delivered in the form of an electronic mail. Needless to say, there weren’t any replies. I’m not too sure if I should seethe, or throw in the towel anyhow.

Regrettably or not, I have been vocal on many issues. Some of which inevitably rub across as plain distaste to whomever with zero capacity for constructive feedback. However, some good bridges were burned and I have had a couple of regrets. Someone had once told me that I couldn’t expect everybody to be like me; true but it just seems like too much of a sorry excuse, because it is naive to rationalize that such reason can be applied to every single goddamn thing we do.


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