of the moon

The fixation over commercialized mooncakes and we fail to notice the fundamental importance of that bright sphere up in the sky. Our very own satellite, pervades our existence and is pivotal to all life on Earth. The moon shone and it still shines; I couldn’t capture it properly though, and I moan the lack of a proper tripod.

A little trivia: the moon is moving away from Earth at 1 inch per year. I’ve had friends, scoffing when I tell them what would happen billions of years from now. For example, the Sun’s death in about 5 billion years. Of course, we wouldn’t be around to witness the red super-giant. But tell me, would we have gotten here if our ancestors dismissed the starry heavens? As an entity we label the human species, the thirst for knowledge is the stuff of locomotion. Regrettably, such ‘trivia’ is usually taken for granted.

I saw this article on beer brewed under a full moon; it is said to add an extra punch to the flavor. Hmmmm!



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