enemy breeze


Took my macro filter out for a little spin today. The thing is, we usually take little notice of a breeze. That is, until you’ve tried taking close ups of pretty little things. I actually had to hold some of the stalks; after a hair-tearing 10 minutes the breeze was ultimately too strong so a slower shutter speed wasn’t an option. Doesn’t help that the DOP was insanely shallow. I ultimately had to settle for an underexposed shot; this picture was brightened, and the grain is obvious. Upon retiring my camera I had noticed the inadvertent pick up of pollen on my filter, sheez.

The flower might seem ordinary, the picture lacking sharpness, some CA, grainy etc. All the unfavorable things aside, I was glad that at the end of the day, I could pick up pictures of flowers no larger than a 10 cent coin. Something to experiment on before I plonk down dough on another piece of engineered glass.


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