needing an information overhaul

Fiddling around with some of the presets; ain’t got the hang of what does what though. A preview using a custom filter.

I’m not too sure what to make of this digital age. A lament from a friend turned out to be quite true; on the bus you see virtually everybody wrestling with a smart phone, racing to tweet or whatsoever. I own an iPhone (a 2 year old phone I recently sent crashing to the ground, courtesy of le butter fingers), yet I am secretly glad that I have taken little part in tweets and status updates. Who gives a moment’s pause(or more appropriately, fuck) about where you had checked in? If of any constructive use, it would be great information to ambush you for a number of heinous reasons. I mean come on, updating that you had checked into the Seletar Expressway? Yes, you could bring forth the freedom of speech argument that comes along with one’s rights. It should be me, excluding myself from a world I had deemed unsatisfactory somehow.

Flash-blown pictures of varsity bashes, self quotes that are remarkably banal, tags of blog shops, religious insinuations, and the list goes on. Constituents of a system in need of an information overhaul. Noting the sense of deja vu; this would be my second time I am writing a post about these, and it shows a continued degradation of times.


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