hazy tragedy, or not

Now, these suspiciously look like impulse buys.

Still, Macbeth for $4.80? After picking up the book my eyes wandered to the bottom of the shelf; I found myself picking up two more books. It would be some time before the wrappers go off; I ought to be catching up on my academical readings. Still, it wouldn’t be that much of a tragedy, certainly not comparable to those depicted in that of Macbeth and Hamlet.

Speaking of tragedies, everybody has something to say about the haze gracing our sunny island. Probably the next best interesting weather phenomenon after flash floods. Dear smokers, you can find solace in the fact that the island is currently one big cigarette stick. I predict a down period in cigarette sales, since you guys can smoke for free now. Now, every year we see the manifestation of inept government policies in the form of a haze; I think both are reinforcing metaphors as it cheekily suggests that their policies are hazy. 


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