and we run

And this is where we trod and run, week in and out. Here, we do funny looking drills, sprawl our lethargic bodies after arduous sessions. This was taken on the last day of IVP; courtesy of my digital camera. I had decided that moving people weren’t the best subjects that day; I took this picture before I retired my camera.

Methinks, that the club has shown considerable strides (pardon the pun) in the right direction. This year’s results were better than the preceding’s; the throwers were Olympian, the jumpers were Herculean, and of course the runners ran like hell. You guys could take comfort in the fact that we, despite the obvious lack of equipment, have managed to commit substantial time and effort to a given cause.

Personally, I finished my race spent and with an eventual smile. The buildup to the 800 meters race was a paradoxically short (3 months in a runner’s term) but painstakingly long one. Many a times, I would have given up if not for the teammate running beside me. I definitely took away something from this, and this is something I hope the peeps could take away as well.

Keep on running! đŸ™‚


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