hardiness of plants, hardiness of ideologies

Now, I kind of fancy a particular green-yellow composition. Judging by the number of  weeds/plants growing out of crevices on the roads, I’ll say they are a pretty common sight. This one’s parked some distance away from the double yellow lines. Still, I thought it made an interesting picture albeit the less-than-sharp greenery. I am strangely intrigued by it’s hardiness; the ability to thrive in seemingly inconceivable places. And that is the story of life and evolution on earth. How about that of parking?

My educational institute is in the news for an awry decision made by the management; they were probably high and collectively myopic. It is true that students who want to drive will eventually cough up the sum in the long run, if you would juxtapose it to the ERP. Both are essentially unpopular decisions imposed because of the externalities involved. However, history is littered with vagaries of the human race, dire consequences stemming from entities refusing to listen to the fundamentals that govern their existence. Namely, the problem with communism, egalitarians and totalitarians alike. How would you tackle radical ideologies, like terrorism? Well, you could wage a trillion dollar war against terrorism; we know how that turns out. That leaves the option of listening to people; they are a hardy species and I wouldn’t write them off just like that.


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