running free

When I had first started out, my overzealous approach probably got the better of me. I was a proponent of overly-cushioned shoes; the marketing was tantalizing and believable. I wouldn’t say that the majority of runners had been taken for suckers. Rather, I felt that my approach was fundamentally wrong; no amount of pronation control or cushioning can ever compensate for the lack of effort and fundamental basics. The sum of errors eventually led to numerous injuries, gnawing at my goals.

I still have a couple of issues, particularly with my right foot. That aside, I have been running more efficiently after switching camps. Ditching cushioned shoes in favor of flats. That though, happened as a matter of coincidence. I was searching for a pair of shoes, fueled again by the prospect of motion control offered by the Lunarglide. A couple of runs and it was evident that my natural gait was severely compromised, placing an disproportional weight on my hips. After a couple of cold stares from the staff, I had managed to get it exchanged for a cheap pair of racing flats. Gonna try out this pair of frees soon!

Shot in room, with sunlight filtering in through polarized windows.


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