sunday morning beverage

We are a caffeine nation, so to speak. I am unsure as to when I’d picked up this habit; today I am not even conscious of it anymore. Almost every morning I would get a cup of tea/coffee, as a preferred choice of beverage. I am not going to have coke (I get really skeptical when I see one with coke during a 830am class) in the morning. Not that I even like that vile concoction (notwithstanding the marriage of rum-coke). Well, to the working class it is a ritual; they are the caffeine chugging clockworks that are the backbone of our economy. We didn’t see this coming when we were shaking our rattles.

If you are a Singaporean, you would have noticed the baffling resurgence of the bubble tea. Darjeeling is a black tea, and black teas are commonly used now in the much sought after drink. I enjoy the occasional one from a certain shop with a gargantuan queue. The only thing inhibiting me from ever getting more than the occasional cup, is the thought of the generous amount of creamer/additives heaped into Les cup of gratification. When I was queuing up (I really shouldn’t be, who queues for bubble tea?), I see people buying them by the truckloads, sipping from half-a-litre sized cups. And I thought gosh, you guys are going to expire before me. That is of course, a damning assessment coming from someone who is paradoxically in the same queue.


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