watery petals pt2

Here is another one I’d taken alongside the preceding photo. Mainly composed of the rain, the diffused light, and some crouching. Adjusted the WB & contrast a lil bit. If you look towards the center you’ll see an unnatural spot; I’m not too sure as to how it came about.

Again, the majority of social news feed comprises of a-tad-too-much information. Nowadays, the trend’s gravitating towards incessant streams of baby photos and agonizing life stories. You want to celebrate life, and you over there disses it. Here’s a hypothesis: the social media might very be an evolutionary cognitive step (I’m not too sure if it is progression or regression) in channeling our thoughts, a medium for an avenue of expressions. The way we are taking to these are somewhat automatic, does it seem not? You experience a heartbreak and you take to twitter and release pent-up frustrations, into the sea of binary codes. Your baby photos serve to fill up the huge void created by the transition into motherhood, no?

Or maybe, you peeps are just fun loving and naive, and in that case I’ve been cooking up a storm for naught.


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