more than you and me

Now, this is the Large Cloud of Magellan, a satellite of our own Milky Way. I didn’t shoot this of course (what the fuck), and this was taken from the archives of NASA. Well, one could dream of having the equipment to peer into the heavens. There are actually amateur astro-photographers using CCD cameras. It doesn’t come cheap.

People often question my interest or rather, obsession, with the stars. The thing is, such is the grandeur of the scale of things, that they are unequivocally infinitely greater than you and me will ever be. The religious will nonetheless punctuate whatever I have just said with a deity or saint; I believe religion fundamentally preaches love for our kind, but some of you guys are hopelessly besotted with the idea of creation and the beautiful. In that case the cold snap in India and the floods in Australia were the results of collective sin, I presume. You fail to embrace inequality as an innate characteristic of our species. You being here in an air conditioned room and them in the slumps is a consequence of geographical bad luck.

I can forgo knowing my critics (and all their disgusting habits for all I care), but never the incessant search for the workings of the cosmos. It is not equal, it spouts life and embraces death, with chance being pervasive all and all across.


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