chasing butterflies

I didn’t head out with the intention of shooting butterflies actually. They were just there; you need some luck actually, with a little patience and prediction. Under the sweltering weather, sun beating down on you. Okay, you get the picture. It was worth it.

So it’s times like these I wished I could have a little more reach with a 100mm macro. This is particularly bad because the new glass will set me back a chunk of moolahs. The notion builds up gradually, insidiously, like a poison; it wouldn’t be long before I plow down the cash, I hope.

For the last picture, I had actually camped in front of the flower for a couple of minutes as I had observed it making return trips. It was there for the snipe. When it came, I should have kicked myself for not setting my camera on burst, jeez. Could also do with more bokeh; the effective aperture at 55m was a patsy f/5.6


4 thoughts on “chasing butterflies

  1. You have much more skill than I! I no more see a native butterfly than it’s disappeared and I’m left thinking ‘oh yeah, great photography there…’

    Heh. Your captures are gorgeous. I think your own self-critiques are valid, but that said, the first and second photo in particular are beautiful. I love the setting of the second, it’s striking and has lovely contrast.

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