taking time to observe

I had thought I would have shot everything that could be shot in my vicinity, but no. For instance there’s this area where the butterflies seem to hang out. They wouldn’t stay still though, and what the more experienced shooters say might be true; it would be better to approach them at dawn or dusk. Near to that site was a tree where I had spotted a yellow parakeet (not sure if its the correct species); I couldn’t focus properly and the cropped picture was simply rubbish. Not particularly sure if it is my lack of experience, but the 100mm sure feels heavy to me now. When I was crossing the field I saw this,

Again, by the time I had spotted this I had effectively no time to react properly. I didn’t expect a 10 cent sized spider to commute on the pathway. If I had a clean shot you would probably see babies on its back.

Something I had tried with a flash,

There was actually a picture of the nearby construction site, which I’ve given a miss simply because it has a conflicting theme. Every conceivable plot of greenery will be dug up, and the latest one is no exception. The road is nearing its completion, and I can only feel for the ecological loss. Collateral damage.


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