what the weather brings about

The rain brings about interesting subjects to photograph. My Rebel body ain’t weather sealed, but if you don’t shoot you get zilch; some minor splashes to my filter and I’m thankful. Can’t do anything about my white ledge though, as it would certainly help if it were to be of a contrasting color.

Complaining about the weather is commonplace. When it rains we talk about flash-floods, and when it sears we talk about the lack of air conditioning, without ever realizing that we are positioned comfortably on a continuum. We don’t experience country-scale floods, or droughts that leave an economical dent. All that, and most of us ignore that fiery ball of fire in the sky.

The Sun, 1 astronomical unit away, governs weather on Earth. In fact, weather arises from the temperature and moisture difference between 2 places. An AU, commonly used in astronomy, is approximately the mean Earth-Sun distance, and spans nearly 150 million kilometers. On a running scale it would mean completing the equivalent of 3, 545, 393 marathons. That is a hell lot of running!

1/2500, F/2.8 @ ISO1600


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