Fresh Burger, not

The entire experience was rather stale actually. So this new joint had a queuing system similar to that of Starbucks; you pay, you move down the line and wait. The waiting part, though a tad too long for my liking, was the least of the debacle. While waiting, I had observed multiple mix ups by a greenhorn. Forgivable, since nobody starts off with an initial wealth of experience.

This guy, without a uniform, appeared to run the operations. He looks like your average spitting-beng. He pointed to a $2 note beside the counter, and the crew explained that it was picked up from the floor. He took out a wad of bills, and stuffed the $2 note inside. And then he looked like your average spitting-money lending-beng in a rather chic setting, and is perhaps as relevant as Susan Boyle at P.Diddy’s concert.

The burger was mediocre. It was prepared without gloves; any hints of freshness would have been obscured by the perceived lack of hygiene. For the premium charged for food nowadays, I see little fault in being fastidious.


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