an ecological dent

I took my digital camera out today in hopes of netting something interesting. This was the ecological equivalent of a horror film; the sound of the chain saw drew my initial attention. I think, by and large, we pay little notice to our abundant greens. Our street walks are strewn with trees that offer reprieve from the searing sun; I am personally glad that this is embedded in our infrastructure.

The organisms that depended on this tree (and many others not depicted) are compromised. Nobody would bat an eyelid; this is collateral damage, they would say. The price of urbanization. Sadly, being urbanized secludes us from our roots. Instead of striking an equilibrium with our environment, gargantuan leaps in technology and a vastly improved quality of life offers a much distorted sense of invincibility.

Well, the importance of sustainable development must be given greater weight (I speak on a global scale). I think our government is taking a step in the right direction (eg. park connectors).

I hope they would replant the trees along the new road!


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