probably the last book I’ll get from Borders

As the title suggests, that notion was derived from the bankruptcy filing stemming from slow sales and a failure to innovate (w.r.t digital books). I guess you could draw reference to Nokia and perhaps Microsoft, with the latter being a tad faster in realizing the importance(playing catch up) in recognizing emerging trends. Resting on your laurels eventually spells the way of the dinosaur; a decade ago Nokia was the she-bang. Personally, my impression of Borders was never favorable. The general state of its books was poor by my standards, exacerbated by people often wanting something for nothing. So you could see the throng of people, sitting on its comfy sofas, who could care less about the state of the book once they have finished copulating with it.

Thanks to Eric and Lx, I had a $20 gift card I thought I had better use less it shuts its doors. This was chosen amongst Richard Dawkins’s (controversy alongside Darwin) The Blind Watchmaker and John D. Barrow’s The Constants of Nature; I thought it would complement another book I’ve bought a while ago: In Search of Time. That piece of well crafted work had a profound effect on my understanding on the phenomenon called time, and its fundamental importance in the workings of the universe. If you didn’t understand time, you don’t understand relativity and of course you wouldn’t understand GPS we so often take for granted. Of what importance, you might argue? Well it piques my interest, just like how crappy Taiwan variety shows piqued yours.

I would have gotten all 3 books, but it would temporarily exceed my indifference curve. Also, I have 4-5 other books sitting on my shelf, which I would duly attend to after the exams . Borders would be having a clearance sales at the EXPO, 25th-27th Feb for you bookworms.


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