after dark, campus. beside the alley of vile smoke.

I’ve been spending so much time in school lately, it probably deserves one picture. So this period mirrors that of yesteryear, stepping out of school after dusk. Soon, I would be statistically unemployed.

Took this picture right outside the campus; been some time since I’ve taken anything close to landscape-y.

In about 10 steps to the right, you would reach a vile and treacherous alley of death, strewn with living lumps of flesh and quasi chimney pipes that chug obscene amounts of smoke. I wouldn’t care if you smoke pot, just so long you do it out of paths meant for travel. The grass looked as though it’s been torched by Indonesia farmers (no offense to friends of similar nationality). Oh wait, Lucifer graced that little patch of grass. What, it seems a tad absurd ceding the sheltered walkway to platoons of tar heads collectively inhaling/exhaling smoke while we are damned in the rain.

I view this picture with much disdain. Not only do you not give back to nature, you spat on it with such a callous and crass act. Some reprieve would actually come from the taxes you pay, which goes to stuff from the salaries of cleaners that sweep away your cigarette butts, to welfare and social services that supposedly benefit society. Raising taxes might not be an effective way though because of the existence of an active bootleg market. More people are lighting up, no? Well, better policies in time to come. In the meantime, my condolences to the large part of the student population whom in all likelihood, will pass on early because of second hand smoke. Cheers.


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