the world could use a colored sunset

So, a barrage of photos over the weekend with my Iphone spells how much I miss having a portable alternative. Not that the photos are unacceptable, just a tad underwhelming since I’ve fiddled with a 18 megapixel device. Still, any will do when a photo opportunity presents itself.

There are places in the world currently, where people could use a colored dawn/dusk, metaphorically speaking. For one, a heartfelt gratitude to the workers of a certain nuclear plant. Still, life couldn’t have possibly evolved the way it did if radiation was never in the picture.

The desecration of the Koran was committed by a man with a certain degree of power. A pastor, in all specificity. It does nothing really, except to reinforce the notion that religion has no fundamental meaning in the definition of my life. Religion, as cited by Karl Marx, is the opium of the people. But ever so often, the cause of the great divide.


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