Friday rays, Saturday class

You would have to get up early enough to catch this, which I had did thanks to the commencement of my revision classes.

I actually had an offer days back to do a product shoot. I certainly didn’t see that coming, given the relatively short stint of my photography. Nonetheless it was rather flattering that my pictures were viewed in the first place, so here is a thank you to the peeps who did. The objects in question are concept furniture, delivered by the folks at Munkii. Personally there are some qualms about the level of artistic portrayal I can deliver, noting the fact that I am inexperienced (again) and the lack of equipment (like flashes/strobes). Well, if it ever goes through!

If you are wondering who lugs a dSLR to school, I didn’t. I caved in and got another compact, having liquidated the previous. Here’s a picture of my Saturday class, a first in the new wing. I had most of the colors muted since there was too much clutter. The lecturer had an interesting presentation style, using a stylus on a tablet cum laptop (that what you call it?). Most might find his french accent a little overwhelming though. Windows Journal sure looks sexier than Powerpoint.


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