on a political note

A: I would like my lifts upgraded please.

B: You are not eligible, I am afraid.

A: Why not?

B: Well….

I couldn’t recall much about the last election, honestly. This one happened to occur in the age of the social networks, and already you could see a few opinionated individuals expressing what I would call mild dissent on FB. So this ain’t China so we are not really gonna see anyone in the literal firing line for their political expression and orientation. I’m somewhat sure though, that there are people policing the internet for radical content.

Just a trend I have extrapolated, people in periods of constant call for change just for the sake of it. Person B could reply otherwise and the adversaries could make a different mountain out of the molehill. I’ll be frank; some have no clue on where they are positioned on the continuum. Let’s be honest, we pay taxes and we pay to use the lifts. If you think you have a crummy lift and ought to pay less taxes, you should refrain from using social services, polyclinic subsidies, our rubbish bins. In actuality, all of us pay for public goods we might never ever get to use.

We could then apply the same logic to your growth dividends; should we then all get an equal sum? If having a crummy lift gets you all irate at the sovereign, you could then renounce your growth dividends distributed by the exact same entity and donate it to a charity. It is a good deed isn’t it? Now, I could foresee a counter-argument; you could argue that you are rich enough to give up the credits just to spite the government. Actually, those who are rich enough to spite the government are currently offshore, or have their funds parked offshore. So yes, you could renounce your credits and be on the losing end of the continuum, spiteful and poorer by the amounts of one monetary policy. Alternatively, you could deposit the credits and play a role in wealth creation. Else, get your wife that Kate Spade bag already!

Let us contemplate equality; there is none. The next time we advocate such a position, we can perhaps take prior time off to assess our quality of life relative to those residing in areas of poor geographical luck. I may sound like I am adopting some form of moral high ground, but all I am saying is that we are in a position to help. It isn’t true that the rich do not donate to charity; in fact they do it all the time. It also isn’t true that the poor are left to rot in their filth; we have non profit organizations dedicated to a helping cause 24/7.

Embrace inequality.


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