something you’ve done before, no?

So lomography seems to be the rage nowadays, fueled no less by the Iphone application Instagram and Lomo Lomo. As a friend cheekily cited, the number of such users have reached ‘zergling’ levels. Well you apply a filter and bam, instant gratification.  Lomography in a nutshell (I hope my description is correct) is a Russian style of creative photography without boundaries, characterized by over exposed and saturated colors with heavy vignettes. The at times odd and heavily tinted colors are a result of dipping the negatives in chemicals other than that required for development. Of course, nowadays you can achieve such effects with relative ease.

Here is an attempt, not sure if I got it right.

If you didn’t already know, it is illegal to jaywalk. I wouldn’t want to over-generalize but if you didn’t already know, most of us do. Saying you didn’t is like saying paying taxes fulfill your life’s sole purpose, and you would like to thank the authors who compiled the tax code.


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