music genre, social make up

An underrated station, they dish and belt out good tunes from their abode at Orchard Central. The frequency dial remains unchanged.

I’ll admit, I had my fair share of ‘angry at the world/parents’ music. Rock, Mandarin pop, Jpop…all the stuff teenagers are made off. We call it mainstream music for palpable reasons (can you fucking Bieliebe it?). That was until I realized most of them advocate showmanship, instead of music. The images of Taiwanese boy bands doing their ‘thing’ unfortunately remains etched. What boggles my mind is that the world pays relatively little attention to talent artistes, tucked away albeit a genuine passion for whatever they are doing. Much of the stuff I listen to comes from this station. I am thankful! Something I ain’t thankful for, would be the inane malfunctioning (it is stuck at disc 1) CD player on my Hi-Fi.

Much of your everyday life is dominated by your social experience. On and off I get the notion that I am weary of this world, a mild penchant for social aversion. The moment I’d decided to delete my Facebook account, I immediately thought of the potential connections I might lose. I might never get to meet that long lost primary school friend, I might miss that dinner date, or that party event. In actuality, many of the aforementioned did not materialized. For some time now I’ve been solely using Facebook as a vehicle to disseminate journals and photos. I’ll get to deleting it someday.

The rate of materialization remains questionable. Is it an inherent aspect of the social network (who the hell has 783 true friends)? Or could it be the way I construe my social identity? Today I was left rather peeved at being left out. I just wasn’t part of their social make-up. All in all, it was regrettable but I guess I’ll live.


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