Back to the track, with a beat-up Ipod

I had to unleash my rather unsightly hands on the world; all I ever wanted to do is to take a picture of my Ipod! Diane Birch is another overlooked artiste IMO. Great vocals, underrated.

I’ve had this Ipod for years, all beat-up and still working. The rubber casing had left all sorts of marks on its back, what an oxymoron! It was a free gift from a certain telco, who gave it out upon a re-contract. Funny how the functionality of the ‘home’ button was implausibly short lived, makes me wonder if the telco was on the receiving end of sub-par goods that didn’t emerge from the QC line. There was a period of time when I ran with my Ipod. That was until I’d realized that it impeded my swing.

It’s been a mighty while since I’ve set foot onto the track. Sure feels good running with the peeps again, though my muscles wouldn’t share my enthusiasm for the large part (I’ll know soon enough).


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